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Laser Surgery

For almost thirty years, lasers have been used in human medicine to perform surgical procedures that were previously either impossible or more dangerous by conventional techniques. This technology is now available at the Fairmont Veterinary Hospital to provide the most advanced in medical care for your pet.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

The manner in which tissues react to a laser beam is one of the miracles of modern medicine. As a laser beam moves through the tissue, it seals nerve endings as it "cuts". As a result, less anesthesia is required, which reduces the risk of complications. Pain after surgery is also reduced.

To a certain extent, traditional surgical techniques crush, bruise, or tear tissue…even with the sharpest scalpel. In laser surgery, only the laser beam touched the tissue, so there is far less swelling.

The laser beam also seals blood vessels, which means there is minimal bleeding and this allows your surgeon to be much more precise, as well as to reduce post-operative complications.

These are the most significant advantages to laser surgery: less pain, less swelling and less bleeding.

Your Pet and Laser Surgery

Generally, a laser may be used instead of a scalpel. In many surgical procedures, the procedure is safer, faster, and better with a laser. Some procedures are so much better and humane for your pet when done with a laser. Some procedures are so much better and humane for your pet when done with a laser that we would not use any other modality.

With a laser surgery, there is les risk of infection as the laser beam sterilizes by killing bacteria. It is also amazingly accurate: your Veterinary Surgeon can precisely remove unhealthy or unwanted tissue without injuring healthy tissue. Your pet experiences less pain and trauma, and as a result, healing is more rapid.

Ask Your Veterinarian if Laser Surgery is Right for Your Pet!

Laser surgery can correct many common conditions such as cysts, tumor, warts, and infections that occur around the eyes, ears, in the mouth, and anywhere on the skin. Many internal surgical procedures are vastly superior when done with a laser. Consult your Veterinarian to find whether or not your pet’s procedure can be performed with a laser.