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Case of the Month


Cocoa Montagna

Cocoa Montagna is a 12 year old dog that was hit by a car. Cocoa went to the Emergency Clinic that night and then came to us the following morning for surgery. Radiographs showed that Cocoa's left hip was out of place and a femoral head ostectomy was needed. A FHO or femoral head ostectomy is where the ball of the femur is removed since it is out of the joint. With this kind of injury the femur tends not to stay in place even if it is put back in place by the doctor. An FHO is performed and the resulting scar tissue is what holds the joint in place after surgery. Cocoa had severe bruising along her hips and down the injured leg from the trauma she had suffered. The bruise across her hip was so bad that it caused the skin there to die, leaving a large open wound. The therapeutic laser was used on the area for a total of 10 treatments. The therapeutic laser uses a beam of light to deeply penetrate the tissue without hurting it. This decreases pain and inflammation and increases healing. The wound improved quickly with the laser therapy. After her 10th treatment the wound healed well and she did not need any additional treatments. Two weeks later the sutures were removed from the FHO surgery and Cocoa was starting to walk on her own.